Detox Smoothies by Namaskar Creations


***The write-up below is a summary from an interview of a friend who is featuring the program in Sunstar CDO. To be released soon.



When I came back from the grueling climb, there were so many ideas that rushed through my mind. There were so many that my notebook was instantly filled up even while I was still on the bus bound to back to Cagayan de Oro.

So after having settled back home after being away for a week, I set straight into finalizing my menu for the 3-DAY DETOX CLEANSE PROGRAM. And as soon as the first request was accepted, it was full throttle from then on.

My yogini friend from The Yoga Home Camiguin, Julie B. and her sister Janice were my first customers. And as soon as they started documenting their detox journey on Facebook, their friends readily jumped on board as well, taking on the challenge head on.


3 Day Detox Program




We’ve been brainwashed to think that a “”detox”” means food restrictions, starvation and suffering. But you can detox in a healthy, enjoyable and balanced way! Fruit and Vegetable Smoothies are a great addition to your diet. The chlorophyll from the plants promote the release of toxins in our body and the really high- fiber content found in green smoothies help sweep our colon – two really important aspects of detoxifying.

Originally the program was a personal experiment. I’ve been suffering from constipation, bloatedness, insomnia, and weight fluctuations and I get sick easily. I’ve tried different medicines as prescribed by doctors but it never lasts, the symptoms are always recurring. I finally woke up one morning and decided that I didn’t want to be dependent on these medicines.

I’ve tried different diets as well, until I went on a 4-Day Detox Retreat in Cebu last year. The whole program was a real challenge, but the results after were amazing. I lost those extra pounds, I was sleeping better, and my digestion has improved significantly. Not only that, I was thinking clearly and mood swings were becoming less and less prevalent.

After the program, I had so much energy, and I never felt great in a long time. So after that, I shared it with my parents, my sister and she also shared it with her friends. Everybody had a positive experience. So I thought since I make smoothies for me and my family almost every day anyway, why not share it with others as well.






All ingredients are fruits and vegetables that are in season and are grown locally in Mindanao. All ingredients are fresh, vegetarian, gluten-free, low fat, low cholesterol, low sodium, and no added sugar.

The ingredients are not all organic yet. I’m still growing my little garden and bringing together herbs and medicinal plants from all over the country.

For the purpose of keeping the smoothies fresh, I don’t mass produce. Upon order, I make them just hours before the customer’s designated pickup time or delivery. The smoothies will also have to be kept in a refrigerator and consumed within 24 hours from its creation.



Although the detox program worked for me and others, it is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. It is also not a weight loss program. Weight loss may become a result, but the main aim for these smoothies is to detoxify, and nourish our bodies with real and fresh food. Those who are pregnant, are under the age of 18, have active cancer, have liver disease or hepatitis, have Type 1 Diabetes, are on medications for bipolar disorder, or have an allergy to any food or ingredient listed are not allowed to participate in the program. For those who have such medical conditions, they are required to consult their physician.





Your body will tell you when you need to detox again. Some obvious signs include constipation, sinus congestion, coughing, fatigue, trouble sleeping, skin problems, cravings for sugar rich foods, and anxiety. Also when you become sensitive to fluctuations in weather conditions, that’s a good indicator that you may need to cleanse again.



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