Food as Medicine


Anything you hear you hear, you forget.
Anything you see, you remember.
Anything you do, you understand.


When eating out with a crowd I don’t usually hang out with, my choice of food is almost always being noticed. Because most of the time, I’d only have a choice of fruits or desserts, thank you to the meat oriented restaurants around the city. Almost always, I’d get people to tease me about taking just a small bite of a steak or a lechon, and them promising that they won’t tell anyone.


Sometimes I’d get challenged into a debate how being vegetarian is not normal. One time, I even had one guy teasing me saying “Nah don’t believe her, we don’t really know what she eats behind closed doors.” To which I’ve come to be less defensive about as I get older. Others always ask where I get my proteins, calcium and so on and so forth. Others say I don’t need to diet because I’m not overweight. Though I know they mean well.


What most of them miss is that what seems to them as deprivation or denial, or even pain about going through menus in restaurants and find nothing for you but french fries, and it’s not even healthy; for me is an act of saying thank you God for this knowledge on how to eat and how to keep my body healthy. And when I do, I not only feel better and lighter, but I even feel stronger than when I was still eating meat.

Ube Halaya2

I’m not doing this for a fad, or for religious reasons, or for diet. I’m doing this because it works for me. It works for my body. And I understand that it’s not for everyone. I’m doing this because I have faith that in seven (7) years time, I’d have a healthier heart. Two (2) years down, five (5) more years to go.


Now that doesn’t mean I deprive myself of chocolate cakes. ice cream and french fries. I do indulge sometimes, when I really crave for these kinds of treats. But I’m glad I’m sensitive to know how much is too much. And I have come to observe when the craving is actually just emotional issues masking itself as craving for food. In these moments I get to step back, and really deal with such issues, in a healthy way.


Chocolate Oatmeal Munchkins



Cheers to taking charge of our own health!